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Cross Country

Well done to all the children who participated in our school cross country on Thursday. It was a fantastic afternoon in the sun and everyone ran so well.

It was also great to see the children being courageous and persevering when their run may have got tough!

Kakano's Ferrymead Trip

Last Friday we stepped back in time and visited Ferrymead Heritage park!

Everyone loved exploring the old attractions and learning about what has changed over the last 100 years. 
Here are some comments from Kakano 1's time at Ferrymead...

"The boys had different clothes to the girls", said Isabella.
"The school house had a fire", said Charley.
"I liked the teddy in the classroom", said Mathilde.

"I liked drawing a butterfly in Mrs Green's classroom", said Larissa.
"Mrs Green was a bit Grumpy", said Astrid