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Week one in Miss Harris' Home Room.

We have welcomed some new friends into Kakano 1 this term and we have had to say goodbye to our dear friend Isaac who is unfortunately leaving.
This week we have been reading Kakapo Dance, we have been learning new sounds as well as developing a range of other activities around the story. We have created pictures and writing around it as well as some maths to.

We have also been taking some time to reflect on 'Self-regulation' we are learning and developing ways of calming and managing our emotional brain and learning brain. We have a wonderful 'Peace Teepee' where we can take time to calm and get back into our thinking brain.

Week 1 Term 3

This week we have welcomed some new friends into Miss Shannon's Kakano 1 class.

To get to know each other we created some 'All about me posters'. Our posters include a picture of ourselves, some drawings of our family, favourite food, animals and something we enjoy doing. We used pencils, pastels and dye to make our amazing pictures.


Kia Ora
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